Refinery Water

Lab Services



1.      Analytical Instrumentation:

a.       HPLC for organic analysis

b.      TOC analyzer

c.       Inverted Microscope for bright field, dark field, phase contrast and epi-fluorescence microscopy

d.      Scanning Electron Microscope

e.       Flow Injection Analyzer (FIA) for kinetic studies

f.        IC for ionic analysis

g.       Cryo Micro-Slicer for biofilm sampling and observation

h.       PCR for DNA amplification

i.         UV-VIS spectrophotometer

j.        Incubator, Autoclave, Temperature Control Shaker for general
microbiology work

2.      Bench Scale Activated Sludge Pilot Plant Banks

a.       Continuous online analyzers

b.      Computerized biokinetic monitoring

3.      Computer Hardware Towers & Software dedicated to Biokinetic Modeling

4.      General Characterization: pH, Oxygen, Solids (total, dissolved, volatile, and fixed), Alkalinity, BOD, COD, Ammonium Nitrogen, Nitrate & Nitrite, Total Nitrogen, TKN, Phosphorous, Turbidity, VFA, Bacteria Counts, Toxicity, ATP, DOUR-SOUR, and most other wet chemistry characterization techniques

5.      Specializd Microscopic Examinations

    a.      Wastewater treatment process cultures such as activated sludge and biofilms
    b.      Evaluation of biomass solids, foam, and bulking sludge separation problems
    c.     Evaluation of biofilter and membrane plugging problems
    d.     Evaluation of scale, microbial, and corrosion product formation in piping and supply water treatment systems such as boilers & cooling towers