Refinery Water


The graphic below gives a generic illustration of those pieces of a classical Design-Build or Engineering -Procurement-Construction (EPC) project which RWE can perform standalone, as well as those project phases where RWE brings in project partners. The example below estimates projected budgetary costs for a typical 5 MGD centralized WWTP in an Oil Refinery with all of the standard unit processes.

Environmental Consulting Services which RWE can be apply throughout a Project's Life Cycle


v     Project Inception

Þ    Initial Investment Appraisal

Þ    Environmental Screening and Scoping

Þ    Initial Due Diligence

Þ    Contaminated Land Appraisal

Þ    Regulatory Reviews

v     Project Investment/Due Diligence Stages 

Þ    Environmental, Social, & Health Impact Assessments (ESHIA)

Þ    Integrated Due Diligence

Þ    Competent Person Reporting (CPR)

Þ    Contaminated Land Investigations

Þ    Initial Public Offering (IPO) Related Reporting

v     Project Development 

Þ    Carbon Emissions Analysis

Þ    Water and Energy Appraisals

Þ    Resource Efficiency Appraisal

Þ    Remediation

Þ    Process Optimization

Þ    Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

v     Operation 

Þ    World Bank Reporting

Þ    Stock Exchange Compliance Reports

Þ    Engineering Optimization

Þ    Regulatory Compliance Reviews

Þ    Expansion/Development Appraisals

Þ    Energy Efficiency Improvement

v     Closure & Exit 

Þ    Regulatory Preparedness

Þ    Pre-Exit Investigation & Remediation

Þ    Pre-Divestment Due Diligence

Þ    Data Room Development

Þ    Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA) Negotiations